We welcome, LGP 2024 students, to a month-long journey of exploration and discovery.

4-Week Campus Learning at Ashoka University in 2024: May 17 - June 16

"The Lodha Genius Programme was not just about academics; it was a transformative experience that reignited my sense of curiosity, fostered new friendships and allowed me to embrace independence."

Anshul Bhatt

10th Grade
Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai

"I did not dare to dream this big. My mother is so proud of me. We come from Naichana - a small village in Haryana, and this is an opportunity we could not have imagined.”


10th Grade
Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Rewari

"I have always been curious about Science. Even when I applied for the programme. | knew it would be challenging - so many researchers and scientists would be there around us. But I love Challenges."


10th Grade
iTeach SGM, Pune

"Thrilled to be part of this Programme at Ashoka University. Amazing seminars by Nobel laureate Jack Szostak and researcher Yamuna Krishnan. Interacting with Mr Abhishek Lodha and building telescopes have been highlights. Excited for the journey ahead!”

Rhea Chadha

11th Grade
Shiv Nadar School, Noida

“Though the Lodha Genius Programme has concluded, indelible memories linger, especially the captivating Great Ideas Seminar by Susmita Mohanty. Her passion for space settlement and sustainability left a lasting impact. Engaging in conversation about space programs was an absolute pleasure”

Mannat Kaur

10th Grade
Delhi Public School, RK Puram, New Delhi

“Alfred Mercier's wisdom came to life during Manoj Mathew's session. Learning optics and microscopy under his guidance was a privilege. Hands-on experiences like 'Microscope on Rails' and dark field imaging illuminated the captivating world of optics.”

Krishya Khajanchi

11th Grade
K.R Mangalam World School GK2, New Delhi


To nurture and inspire the brightest young minds of our nation to reach their full potential and become citizens who create a positive impact.

Lodha Genius Program's Vision
Lodha Genius Program - About the Lodha Genius Program

Shaping Future Leaders: Lodha Genius Programme

The Lodha Genius Programme is a joint initiative between Lodha Group and Ashoka University. Lodha Group is India's leading real estate developer with a track record of over three decades. Ashoka University is India's premier liberal arts university, known for its interdisciplinary approach to education, world-class faculty, and commitment to social impact.

Lodha Genius Program - Somak Rauchaudhry is a VC of Ashoka University
Vice Chancellor, Ashoka University
Lodha Genius Program - Prof. K Vijay Raghavan is a Scientific Advisor
Chair-Science Advisory Council,
Former PSA to Govt. of India
National Center for Biological Sciences
Lodha Genius Program - Somak Rauchaudhry is a VC of Ashoka University
Senior Scientist, CERN, Geneva
Lodha Genius Program - Somak Rauchaudhry is a VC of Ashoka University
Professor, California Institute of Technology
Lodha Genius Program - Somak Rauchaudhry is a VC of Ashoka University
Professor, Harvard University
Lodha Genius Program - Somak Rauchaudhry is a VC of Ashoka University
Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Lodha Genius Program - Dipankar Bhattacharya is a Professor of Ashoka University
Professor, Ashoka University
Lodha Genius Program - Rajendra Bhatia is a VC of Ashoka University
Professor, Ashoka University
Lodha Genius Program - Uday Maitra is a VC of Ashoka University
Professor, IISc Bangalore
Lodha Genius Program - Tarun Souradeep is a Associate Professor
Professor, Raman Research Institute
Lodha Genius Program - Martin Andler is a Associate Professor
Emeritus Professor, Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University
Lodha Genius Program - Kasturi Saha is a Associate Professor
Associate Professor, IIT Bombay
Lodha Genius Program - Sriram Rajamani is a Associate Professor
Managing Director, Microsoft Research India Lab, Bangalore
Lodha Genius Program - Koester Darius is a Associate Professor
Assistant Professor, University of Warwick
Lodha Genius Program - Ashok Krish is a Consultant
Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services
Lodha Genius Program - Georg Tremmel is a Consultant
Project Researcher, University of Applied Arts Vienna
Lodha Genius Program - Rajeeva Karandikar is a Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus, Chennai Mathematical Institute
Lodha Genius Program - Siva Athreya is a International Centre for Theoretical Sciences
Professor, International Centre for Theoretical Sciences
Lodha Genius Program - Madhavan Mukund is a Director
Director, Chennai Mathematical Institute
Lodha Genius Program - Manoj Mathew is a Software Solutions Manager
Lead Solutions Manager, Asia Pacific,
Zeiss, Germany
Lodha Genius Program - Aswin Sekhar is a Astrophysicist
Astrophysicist, Institut de Mécanique Céleste et de Calcul des Ephémérides (IMCCE)
Lodha Genius Program - Sushan Konar is a Scientist
Scientist, NCRA-TIFR
Lodha Genius Program - Rohini Devasher is an Astronomer
ICTS Bangalore
Lodha Genius Program - Joseph Jose Thottacherry is a Post Doctoral Researcher
Post doctoral researcher at the department of genetics, Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge.
Lodha Genius Program - Ajith Kumar is a Director Emeritus
Senior Affiliate Scientist
Centre for Wildlife Studies, Bangalore
Lodha Genius Program - Amitabha Tripathi is a Professor
Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Lodha Genius Program - Shanta Laishram is a Prof of Mathematics
Professor, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI)

The Programme

The successful completion of its first batch marks a significant milestone for the Lodha Genius Programme. It offers exceptional students an unparalleled blend of on-campus engagement and extended off-campus mentorship. This fully funded scholarship will focus on mathematics & science in its first year and provide an invaluable experience to students of what it is like to be a scientist or mathematician in future.


Great Ideas Seminar


Maths Problem-solving Seminar


Science Project


Talks on Ethics


Cultural and Co-curricular Activities