Results for the Lodha Genius Programme 2024 cohort are out. Selected candidates have been notified via email.

Once selected in the programme, you will receive long term support curated to your needs, until you graduate. You will attend a 4 week intensive summer programme at Ashoka University and receive continuous guidance throughout the year to support your journey towards achieving excellence. The 2024 programme centers around an interdisciplinary approach to Mathematics and Science, incorporating arts, social sciences, and extending beyond these fields.

This programme, facilitated by renowned faculty from leading universities, will equip you with hands-on learning and problem-solving skills for tackling real-world challenges. For instance, in 2023, the Great Ideas Seminar had Prof K VijayRaghavan (Chair of the Science Advisory Council, Ashoka University), Prof Somak Raychaudhury (Vice Chancellor and Professor of Astrophysics, Ashoka University), Prof Yamuna Krishnan (Professor of Chemistry, University of Chicago), Prof Jack Szostak (Nobel Laureate, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, University of Chicago) and Prof Priyamvada Natarajan (Professor of Astronomy and Physics, Yale University).

4-week campus learning experience

Great Ideas Seminar

A bridge between innovative concepts and curious minds, our Great Ideas Seminars assemble luminaries from diverse fields and expose our young learners to new discoveries and horizon-expanding inventions.

Experiential Science and Mathematics Projects

Choice of twelve deep-dive, specialist tracks

In the Experiential Science Projects, all the students will have the opportunity to do hands-on projects from two areas out of ten specialized tracks under the supervision of researchers from various international universities and institutes.

The Mathematics for All aims to open the applied perspective of math by connecting it to arts, sciences, technology, and more. The Mathematics Problem Solving elective, open to 11th and 12th graders, offers specialized mentoring by International Mathematics Olympiad experts.

Life Sciences




Art & Astronomy

AI & Robotics

QBio/Computational Analysis



Branding and Communication



From 2024, students in their second year of the programme will have the opportunity to work on a Capstone Project with support from specialist mentors.

A Day at Lodha Genius Programme

Great Ideas Seminar Engage with visionaries and explore groundbreaking development in science, technology, maths, and arts.
Mathematics & Applied Mathematics Explore real-world applications of mathematics. Derive insights to solve problems in data analysis, computation, probability, statistics, and graph theory.
Science Innovate, design and conduct cutting-edge scientific experiments and embark on extensive interdisciplinary science projects led by expert faculty.
Workshops Immerse yourself in captivating workshops that bridge the realms of art and science, and delve into interdisciplinary exploration.
Co-curricular Activities Enjoy entertainment of music, dance, and movies and stimulating discussions on ethics and social wellbeing for inspiration.
Sports Cultivate physical fitness and teamwork in action-packed sessions.

Year-round Mentorship Programme

Online monthly engagement with students and continuous, on-demand personal and academic mentorship.


Opportunities for hands on experience

  • Ashoka has partnerships Stanford University, National University of Singapore, University of California, Berkeley, University of Cambridge, Amherst College, & Duke University to offer gifted students additional infrastructure and opportunities
  • Access to open days at premier institutes around the world
  • Access to e-journals and latest learning materials
  • Participation in seminars, conferences, workshops in universities around the world
  • Participate in science fairs and research labs – around the world

Online monthly engagement

  • Follow-up interactions based on global models
  • Team will guide and track students' progress
  • Access to E- resources, journals, study materials via the Ashoka library portal
  • Self assessment tests
  • Interaction with project faculty and problem solving methods - all archived
  • Frequent seminars by guest faculty from all over the world

On-demand mentorship

  • On-demand chats/group calls with project faculty
  • On demand mentorship
  • Student counseling and mentoring by expert resource persons
  • Peer-based learning cohorts