Applications close on January 31st, 2024     |     The online aptitude test for the Lodha Genius Programme is scheduled for February 3, 2024.

Exploring Space Dreams: Reflecting on the Impactful Great Ideas Seminar with Susmita Mohanty

Although the Lodha Genius Programme has ended, there are certain memories and takeaways that will always remain with me, such as the remarkable Great Ideas Seminar series. One seminar, given by Susmita Mohanty was particularly captivating as she spoke about something I am really passionate about - Space Settlement, Life Support System and Sustainability. She also kept the sessions interactive and shared fascinating insights about Quasars, expendable rocket launchers, Space sustainability rating, piecemeal architecture, scenario building, agriculture in microgravity and life support systems and told us about the three successful ventures she set up.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for what she does motivates me greatly.

Following her session, some of us had the opportunity to sit down (or stand) with her over coffee and engage in a delightful conversation on space programs in general. We discussed potential structures for terrestrial space settlements and explored various related topics such as agriculture in microgravity, closed-loop life support systems, power generation, etc. It was an absolute pleasure to meet her