Applications close on January 31st, 2024     |     The online aptitude test for the Lodha Genius Programme is scheduled for February 3, 2024.

Nurturing Curiosity: A Thank You to Ashish Dhawan, Pramath Raj Sinha and Abhishek Lodha

This is a thank you note from the mom of a high schooler for the visionary friends Ashish Dhawan, Pramath Raj Sinha and Abhishek Lodha.

This March, my younger child asked me- I’ll finish my school very soon. I’m studying Science and Mathematics as I love the subjects. But I don’t know what career I want to get into. Is it okay to be confused at this age? Today morning she called me up to say- Mom I think I know which STEM area would make me happy. I’ll soon find my calling!

This month-long Lodha Genius Programme by Ashoka University has created an inspiring platform for young learners who wish to explore science and discovery.

After the selection stages were over last month, Vaari was super excited as she was the only student from her school who made it to the list. As a mother, I wasn’t sure of sending her alone for one month but the educator in me insisted on letting her explore new possibilities.

It’s been 15 days since then, and she is enjoying every bit of the experience. Her engagement in activities ranging from nature walks to telescope-making and solving challenging Math problems is opening new paths for her. Above all, the feeling of being independent is making her more confident and resilient.

Such platforms are much needed in today's time when young children have enough exposure and resources. Yet, they don't get opportunities to explore on their own.

Keep up the good work!