We welcome, LGP 2024 students, to a month-long journey of exploration and discovery.

Showcasing Achievements: Lodha Genius Programme's Final Presentation

With just a day left before the Lodha Genius Programme on-campus module wraps up, we are having a set of innovative presentations based on the chosen science project by all the participating students. I am a part of the Astronomy and Quantitative, Computational Biology projects and had both my presentations yesterday.

For quantitative Biology, our research was based on speciation with a specific emphasis on examining the process of ‘Fish Speciation and Evolution of a Surviving Species Into Another Through Change in Food Consumed’. We studied whether or not it was possible for a species to evolve into another entirely, and go extinct itself, with the help of a computational model that was designed from scratch on NetLogo. Our mentors Professor Sugat Dabholkar and Professor Sudipta Tang, guided us throughout the project, giving us feedback. Learning NetLogo was a new experience and there is a lot that can be simulated using it.

As for Astronomy, our task was to read science fiction stories from the past and create questions to assess the factual accuracy of the scientific elements mentioned in those stories. We were also supposed to correct those inaccuracies by suggesting the right values and calculations.

We all worked as a team of 4 members and got something that we can proudly call our own.

We dedicated extensive hours working in the libraries until late at night to complete the presentations and I must say that all of it was worthwhile. I am taking a sea of knowledge, invaluable experiences and expertise with me through this wonderful one-month-long programme.